Bill Benter Profile

Bill Benter Profile

February 20, 2012 3:42 am 107 comments

Bill Benter is a very wealthy man, he has made billions from horse racing. Gambler Bill Benter is by far our favourite!  Bill Benter is the most successful professional gambler we think! He has most sophisticated gambling software ever to be seen. His system has proven to work time and time again, if only we could all get our hands on it and make money Mr Benter has!

William Benter is professional gambler with betting system that use thousand different considers like jockey, horse in race, the jockey and trainer and will produce the betting system own odd of winning for every races. These informations is study to bet against what the general public is bet.  Professional betting is very complicate!

Not one knows how much William Benter makes each horse racing season, but gossip is he makes about US$10,000,000 each horse racing years.  Over the 2010 Hong Kong horse racing season the betting turnover was over seventy one billion Hong Kong dollars!  That is lots money for a horse racing season that only go for 9 month’s a years!

Bill Benter wasn’t always making this kind of cash. On other website it say Bill Benter started profession gambling in Las Vegas when he was give a book called ‘Beat the Dealer’ and memorise it. He was a math wiz began his career by counting cards in Las Vegas Casinos!  Other website it say Bill Benter so good at counting the card he got banned from most casino’s in Las Vegas for winning too many money!

But now he created his horse racing software Bill Benter does not need to worry about the count cards!  He has billionaire!

William Benter is pioneered the professional gambling world. But also he a very generous man.  He has his own Benter Foundation and give millions of dollar to charities in Hong Kong and the USA.  He has also developed the Benter Initiative to help students of the Chatham University develop greater awareness of world issues and different cultures.

Bill Benter also is in the Hong Kong Rotary Club where he has specifically worked with them in creating a rotary peace alumni around the world. You can read more about that here:

For more detail biography of Bill Benter go here

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